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11520 ESD Ultra Slim Magnifier Lamp
The Daylight ESD Magnifying Lamp provides full protection against static electricity and electrostatic discharge (ESD). The COMPLETE lamp (Head, Lens, Joint & Arm) is grounded and has special static dissipative materials to smoothly take away static charges in a controlled manner, preventing any build up of static electricity which gives complete protection against ESD events.

11521 Deluxe Magnifying Lamp XR
With bright 2x13w Daylight™ light, the unique 19x17.5cm/7.5x7” XR™ lens and the new Free-Motion head-joint™, this lamp combines the latest innovations in lighting design

11522 Slimline Table Magnifying Lamp
This unique, stylish slimline magnifier is ideal for all your detailed work. The bright 22w low heat and flicker-free Daylight™ tube (100w equiv.) combines with the slimline head and adjustable internal spring arm. Two easily changable 13cm/5" glass lenses (1.75X and 2.25X) ensure you see intricate details clearly. Supplied with table clamp.

11523 Deluxe Magnifying Lamp XR 5"
This magnifying lamp has a slim head design to improve the viewing area. Less material between you and your work means more clarity and efficiency. Fitted with a 22w Full Spectrum Naturalight™ tube, this lamp will allow you to see all the details.
11524 Magnifying Lamp
This magnifying lamp combines the large 7” lens and the powerful 28w Full Spectrum Naturalight™ tube to give you the best inspection lamp. You will be able to see details like never before! This unique lamp is supported by a high quality metal arm and will allow you to move the lamp in any position.

11525 Flexilens Table Magnifier w/clip
Slim but powerful; this flexilens is ideal for clipping onto small frames or work surfaces. With a 9cm diameter lens with a 2cm higher magnification inset lens and flexible arm;

11527 Flexilens Table Magnifier 18" Arm
Table magnifier with a weighted base, makes this lens very sturdy and stable as well as very convenient. The 46cm arm for longer reach combines with a 13cm lens.

11528 Clip-on Spectacle Magnifier
Get precisely the magnification you need with our unique box set of four lenses (1.7, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 X magnification). Simply clip the lightweight frame to your glasses, select the lens and see all the intricate details with needle-sharp clarity. Just flip up the lens for normal viewing.

11529 Table Magnifying Lamp
This small magnifying lamp has a combination of 12w Full Spectrum Naturalight™ tube and the 3.5” lens that will allow you to see details like never before.

11580 Linen Tester, 8x, folding magnifier
small magnifier 1/2"

11581 Linen Tester, 5x, folding magnifier
1" folding magnifier

11581 Linen Tester, 5x, folding magnifier
1" folding magnifier

11587 Round Hand Magnifier, 5X 60mm
60mm Round Aspheric Hand Magnifier 5X

11588 Round Stand Magnifier, 5X
60mm Round Aspheric Stand Magnifier 5X

11589 Binocular Magnifier, Clip on 2X at 10"
11590 Binocular Magnifier, OptiVisor 2.5X at 8"

11591 Binocular Magnifier, AccurVisor 2.5X at 8"
11601 Magnifier - 4" Flexible Arm


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