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23470 Block Starter Kit - Water Soluble
Set includes everything a beginner needs to start creating prints: 4" 5" lino block, and lino handle #1. Also included are #1, #2, #3 cutters, a 37 ml tube of black ink, a 4" soft pop-in brayer, foam tray and instructions.

23471 Super Value Block Printing Kit
All the essentials needed to start block printing - 1 ea 4x5 lino block, lino handle and cutters, ink and brayer w/ instruction booklet.
23472 Deluxe Block Printing Kit
Kit includes 1 each 4x5" lino block, 4 x 6" Speedy-Carve, Lino Handle, #1,2,3 & 5 cutters & #6 knife. 75cc W/S black ink and 37cc tubes in red, yellow, blue and extender. ! 4" Soft rubber pop-in brayer, bench-hook inking plate and tip booklet.

23474 Relief Block Printing Tool Kit
Kit includes benchhook, inking plate, lino handle and cutters, brayer, baren and booklet.
23479 Fabric & Paper Block Ink Kit
6 Color ink set - New oil-based ink cleans up with soap and water. Permanent ink is excellent on paper, cotton and polyester blend fabrics. Best when used with hard rubber brayers. Do not use with natural rubber brayers.


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