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Please Note the following shipping information:

We are not able to quote shipping costs due to the diversity of our products and different requirements (such as hazardous materials charges, container surcharges, oversize items, customs and import fees, etc.). We are unable to calculate your shipping costs until your order is processed and packed, but if you would like to receive an estimated shipping charge, please feel free to call us toll free at 800-465-7382 or e-mail us at We will be happy to offer you more specific information and discuss your shipping options.

When ordering, it is necessary for you to choose a shipping method from the checkout page. Please read the Shipping Information below which will help in your choice of methods.

Also please be advised that our prices are subject to change. We will try to notify you of any significant change. ** Check box for �please ship at current pricing within 10%/ Please notify of any change

Occasionally, some items are out of stock. Due to the wide variety of items and the weight involved, shipping charges are added to back-orders. We try to ship as complete as possible, but on the occasion that we have to backorder an item, we offer you a choice. **You can check that you would like the order shipped complete (and wait for all items before shipping)or that backorders are OK and when materials are available, backorders receive shipping priority.

On rare occasions, freight can arrive in a damaged condition. If the package shows any sign of damage, sign the delivery receipt noting the damage. When signing a bill of lading on a truck shipmen, note any shortages. If you sign that they were all received, it is difficult to sort it out later. Save all packing materials and cartons. Notify us immediately. We need to be notified of damages or shortages with 7 days from the delivery date.

Shipping Information

Small Package Carriers - U.P.S. (United Parcel Service) - An excellent means of shipping small to medium size orders. Maximum weight per package - 150 lbs. Hazardous materials package has a maximum weight of 70 lbs. Maximum length per package is 108 inches. Maximum size per package length and girth combined is 130 inches. Extra charges will apply to oversize packages. Customs and import fees may apply to foreign shipments. These charges are not assessed by Graphic Chemical & Ink but by the shipping service and destination Country. Please call if you need more specific information or want to request a specific carrier.

Truck (Motor Freight Shipments) - Most large shipments will be shipped in this manner. Truck shipments are usually "tailgate delivery" the carriers responsibility ends when the goods are moved as far as the tailgate of the truck. It is the consignee's responsibility to get the goods off the truck which can be very difficult without proper handling. The other alternative is to specify �lift gate"(which drops it to the ground) or �inside delivery" when placing your order. The carrier will charge an additional fee for this service. There is also an additional charge for residential deliveries.

C.O.D. (Collect or Cash on Delivery) - Monies collected are for all goods shipped in addition to the shipping charges. All U.P.S. / C.O.D. shipments have an additional $7.50 added to the shipping charges for the C.O.D. tag. UPS no longer accepts cash on COD shipments � you may pay by bank check, personal check or money order.

Hazard Restrictions - A hazardous handling charge of $20.00 per package is now assessed by U.P.S. in addition to your regular shipping charges. There are certain size restrictions on some hazardous materials shipped by U.P.S. Different hazards may not be combined in one box. Full strength nitric can only be shipped by motor freight. We do not ship any hazardous materials by air. This includes UPS Next day, second day & 3 day select. Parcel Post does not accept hazardous materials under any circumstances. Any ORM-D or hazardous material must go by motor or ocean freight to countries outside the continental U.S. We will attempt to determine the least expensive, safest and most efficient way to ship your order. These charges are billed to you only after your order has been shipped. Ground shipping charges vary anywhere from 10% - 15% depending on the shipping zone and weight. . UPS & Parcel post have a minimum shipping charge � usually between $4-6 for the initial first pound or fraction thereof.

Air Shipments Air shipments are very expensive. ��Products that are labeled ORM-D or HM (Flammable or Corrosive) may not be shipped by air.� Please make sure that we have a daytime number where you may be contacted concerning your order.� We cannot guarantee prompt shipping if we cannot contact you about your order.� Some air shipments may not ship the same day your order is placed, depending on the time and day received.� Orders are not processed or shipped on holidays or week-ends.� Please call if you need special handling or require specific delivery dates.�

Please call for authorization to return any materials. Please do not return anything without permission. Non-authorized returns may not be credited.

If you have any specific requirements such as choice of carrier or a date materials are needed by, please tell us at the time you order and we will do our best to meet your needs. We appreciate your business and want to make shopping for your materials as easy as possible.

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