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70018 Magical Secrets about Chine Collé
Pasting, Printing, Mounting and Leafing Step-by-Step by Brian Shure, is an expanded and revised version of the popular (and now out-of-print) Chine Collé: A Printer's Handbook. The new book gives step-by-step instructions for printing and pasting to a support sheet, and adapts chine collé techniques for working with collage and mounting paper, fabric, and other materials with or without a press. Additional chapters discuss sizing paper or fabric, gold leafing and scroll mounting. Instructional DVD included!

70508 Art is...Relief Printmaking
Artists: Nick Capaci and Jonde Northcutt. This video introduces basic relief printmaking techniques using simple materials and tools including preparing a lino block, applying water-based ink, and pulling the print using a press or the back of a spoon. Different types of relief printing blocks including stamps are shown. Closed captioned. DVD 36 minutes. We no longer are renting any video or DVD.
70510 Printmaking - Relief Printing - Speedball DVD
DVD video for sale. We no longer are renting any video or DVD.
70512 Japanese Woodcut Workshop DVD
In this unique Japanese Woodcut Workshop, native Japanese printmaker Izumi Kuroiwa demonstrates the complete process of Japanese woodcut printmaking in four easy-to-understand yet thoroughly comprehensive sections. The 75-Minute video has four sections: A Brief History, Tools & Materials, The Process of Japanese Woodcut Printmaking and the Maintenance of Tools & Making of Ink. Please note, we no longer rent Videos and DVDs.

70515 Relief Carving DVD by Flexcut
70530 Relief & Intaglio Printmaking on Resingrave Blocks DVD
Richard Woodman shows you how to make a traditional wood engraving through this hands on demonstration.
70710 Japanese Woodblock Printing - Salter
70715 Relief Printmaking (P) - Westly


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